Garden Updates

Garden Updates

2025 Calendar Photo Contest

Be a part of Garden history! We invite our members to submit entries to the 2025 Calendar Photo Contest. With over 2,000 copies sold each year, our popular calendar explores the Garden through the seasons with photography from our members.  To be considered, entries must be postmarked by March 29th, 2024. Winners will be notified by May

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Winter Scenes from the Garden 2024

Perched at a higher elevation than much of Portland, the combination of freezing temperatures, high wind speeds, and freezing rain had an adverse impact on Portland Japanese Garden. Where ice melted through many parts of the city, it persisted throughout our grounds, making it difficult to traverse. Fortunately, due to the tireless work of its Garden,

Garden Updates

2023 In Review

2023, which marked Portland Japanese Garden’s 60th anniversary, was a memorable and inspiring year. In Japanese culture, year 60 (kanreki) is seen as the beginning of a new chapter, or a rebirth, and is filled with hope and possibilities.

Garden Updates

The Shared Responsibility of Supporting Japanese Gardens

“The Professional Gardener Work Exchange Program is a collaborative effort between Portland Japanese Garden and other, similar organizations that align with our philosophy and approach,” explains Portland Japanese Garden’s Garden Curator, Hugo Torii. “I work with the leaders of other gardens to create a mutual exchange where gardeners spend time working alongside their fellow practitioners in a new setting. It’s an invaluable experience for these individuals—passionate gardeners can deepen their skills by working alongside each other; we certainly learn a lot from the guests we welcome here.”