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Signs of Spring: A Conversation with Hugo Torii

“We always enjoy spring, but we might enjoy the feeling that it is coming even more. It’s that anticipation that is the most exciting part,” said Hugo Torii, Director of Ground Maintenance at Portland Japanese Garden. Torii says trying to find those “little signs” that suggest spring is near – is one of the most

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Remember the Cherry Trees

Musings from Diane Durston, Curator Emerita As we face the days and weeks ahead away from our beloved Garden, it may help to look to Japan for inspiration from some of the great poets the past and understand how they responded to their own challenging times. All this alone time can be stressful. It can

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A Heartbreaking Day | A Letter from CEO Steve Bloom

Dear Portland Japanese Garden Community Last week was one of the hardest we have faced as an organization. On Wednesday, March 18 we closed the Garden to the public and ceased all programs until further notice. The next day, we made the painful and unprecedented decision to temporarily lay off the majority of our staff,

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The Brush of Shoko Kanazawa

Renowned for her artistry with brush and ink, Shoko Kanazawa (b. 1985) is one of Japan’s most acclaimed contemporary calligraphers. Born with Down syndrome, Kanazawa began studying calligraphy at the age of five. Her affinity for this artform that requires mastery of the most subtle variations in line, placement, and saturation flourished as she grew

Garden Updates

Spring in the Garden: March 16, 2020

As we approach the first day of spring, we’re seeing more pops of color appear throughout the Garden. New moss growth displays vibrant shades of green and bright purple azaleas will catch your eye from afar. Here are some of this week’s highlights: The Flat Garden’s Weeping Cherry is nearing peak bloom with nearly the

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Looking Toward the Future

Restoring the View from Portland Japanese Garden Looking east toward Mt. Hood on the steps of Portland Japanese Garden’s Pavilion, you may have noticed that the iconic view of Portland’s city skyline has been harder to enjoy. Since Portland Japanese Garden was first established more than 55 years ago, the trees and surrounding vegetation has

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Travel Oregon Spotlights Hugo Torii of Portland Japanese Garden

“I didn’t expect to see something really beautiful like this,” Torii says of his first visit to the Portland Japanese Garden. “I’ve seen many Japanese gardens in other countries that have less maintenance done, so it was great to see something with so much care.” Read more about Portland Japanese Garden from the perspective of

Garden Updates

Spring in the Garden: March 09, 2020

On the heels of a mild winter, we’re beginning to see an early spring bloom at Portland Japanese Garden. Here are some of this week’s highlights: The Flat Garden’s Weeping Cherry is sprinkled with delicate pink flowers and the camellias throughout the Garden have striking displays of pink, white and red. Additionally, throughout the Garden,

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Portland Japanese Garden Receives Global Recognition

Since the 2017 Cultural Crossing expansion, feedback for the improved Portland Japanese Garden has been overwhelmingly positive. The organization is honored to be recognized in press from around the world. The Garden was listed in Architectural Record’s Top Ten Picks in the world, calling the new buildings an “exquisite trio.” Architectural Digest noted the additions