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Once-a-Year Flat Garden Scenery

Ichimatsu Pattern Raking During the Harvest Moon Every year at the time of the Harvest Moon and our Moonviewing Festival, Portland Japanese Garden’s gardeners create this special checkered pattern, called ichimatsu moyo (市松模様), with the white sand in the Flat Garden. Moonviewing, or O-Tsukimi in Japanese, is an annual festival and custom of gazing at the full

Virtual Event

Webinar Series: Living Traditions

A Five-Part Program Designed to Examine Iconic Facets of Japanese Culture, from Ancient Roots to Modern Day In fall and winter of 2021, Portland Japanese Garden and the Japan Society are partnering to co-present a five-part webinar series, called “Living Traditions.” Many of today’s most popular and latest trends are rooted in ancient Japanese tradition

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Garden in the News

Meet Hugo Torii, Garden Curator at Portland Japanese Garden

Hugo Torii was recently named Garden Curator at Portland Japanese Garden, making him the 10th to take on this critical role since the Garden opened in 1967. Torii is succeeding the Chief Curator, Sadafumi Uchiyama. “Creating gardens takes a lot of time and we see things in a longer timeframe. It’s important that we keep

Garden in the News

Supporting Portland Japanese Garden for 60 Years

Inspired in the late 1950s by growing cultural ties between Oregon and Japan, Mayor Terry Schrunk and members of the Portland community conceived the idea of building a Japanese garden on the site of the old zoo in Washington Park. This initiative sparked the interest of Margueritte (Maggie) Drake, who showed up at the first

Garden in the News

History of Portland Japanese Garden

KGW (local NBC affiliate) is broadcasting their News at Sunrise show live from the Garden for two weeks during the Tokyo Olympics. As part of their series “Our Shared Journey”, KGW is featuring local stories of the shared connections between Japan and Oregon, including the history of Portland Japanese Garden. For the full coverage with the