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Nurtured by Nature: How Japanese Gardens Support our Bodies and Minds

“When we are surrounded by nature, a feeling of comfort comes over us and our bodies become relaxed. Most of us would intuitively recognize this feeling, but until recently we haven’t had any evidence to prove it.” – Yoshigumi Miyazaki, excerpt from his book Shinrin Yoku At Portland Japanese Garden, we have been studying the

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Glimpse of Spring

“Where is all the color?” ask many first-time visitors to a Japanese garden. Color and number of plant specimens are not necessarily what a Japanese garden is about, but the differences in color and contrast are part of what make them intriguing. The subtlety of different shades and textures of green are thought to promote

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A Conversation with Kyoko Yoshida and Masatsugu Ono

On March 28, the Garden’s Yanai Classroom turns into a pop-up literary salon with “Navigating Literary Seas: An Evening of Readings and Conversation with Kyoko Yoshida and Masatsugu Ono.” Hosted by writer David Karashima, the event includes readings in Japanese and English from new works, and a spontaneous conversation about language, identity, translation, and sense

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Umami Café – New Menu

With the first day of spring upon us, we are pleased to reveal the new Umami Café menu. The menu still includes favorites like Sencha with Castella Cake and Matcha with Mochi Ice Cream, but adds new delights to try this season. New items include Matcha paired with Ukishima, a steamed cake that is moist

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A Conversation with Pico Iyer

On May 23, acclaimed travel writer Pico Iyer joins Portland Japanese Garden’s Curator Emerita Diane Durston for an afternoon of conversation about seasons and the constancy of change. International Japanese Garden Training Center Director Kristin Faurest, Ph.D., spoke with the author about the ideas and experiences that inform his work. KF:  Your newest book is

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Subtle Forms of Nature’s Artistry in Stone

Ice & Stone: Suiseki Viewing Stones From The Huntington Library  Paired with Stark Landscape Photography by Michael Kenna (Portland, Ore.) – Suiseki is the Japanese art of stone appreciation. Formed over centuries by wind, water and erosion, viewing stones are valued for their distinct shape, color, and texture.  Viewing stones take many forms including distant

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2020 Calendar Photo Contest

Be part of Garden history! We invite our members to join in our 2020 Calendar Photo Contest.  The contest opens today (February 5), and all entries must be postmarked by March 15, 2019. As prizes, the 12 main image winners will each receive 10 calendars, and the inset image winners each get one calendar. We


Approaching Nature from the Slant: Conversing with Rhoda Maurer

APPROACHING NATURE FROM THE SLANT: A JOURNEY TOWARDS UNDERSTANDING OUR SHARED HUMANITY Accomplished horticulturalist and photographer Rhoda Maurer comes to the Garden Feb. 28 to share personal insights – and not just on plants, but also on spirituality, social justice, sustainability, biocultural diversity, and the changing role of public gardens.  The Garden’s Training Center director