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Connecting to the Garden through Tea

Look around the Portland Japanese Garden and it seems that tea is everywhere – the tea ceremony demonstrations, the Hosokawa Morihiro Art in the Garden exhibition, and the tea garden itself. Why does the Garden focus so much on tea? The culture of tea gives insight into not just the Garden but more broadly the

Garden Updates

Pure Precision: Glass Curtains at the Garden

Often mistaken for a sliding door system, the new glass windows in the Cultural Village are based on a so-called curtain wall technology called the Vitrocsa Invisible Wall. As part of architect Kengo Kuma’s precise design plan, the Garden worked with Vitrocsa in Europe, to install the uniquely elegant curtain wall system. “Given its proximity

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Garden Updates

A Cultural Crossing through Construction

“Now, my 14-year-old daughter really wants to go to Japan.” In a way, the first week of April was “mission accomplished” for Josh Faulkner, especially since the Garden believes in the power of cultural education, and learning about new places. After 19 months of construction, Faulkner, the Cultural Crossing Project Superintendent with Hoffman Construction, said

Art in the Garden

Hosokawa Morihiro: The Art of Life, A Rebirth in Clay

“I find making pottery is a bit like Zen meditation. My mind concentrates on the task at hand, although I can’t say I become completely detached from everyday life. When working with forces that have always existed, like clay and fire, I feel reduced to something insignificant, and yet completely at ease with myself.” –

Garden Updates

An Historic Moment

On Sunday, a beautiful thing happened. A decades-old vision conceptualized by the dreamers and doers at the Portland Japanese Garden became reality. Nearly three thousand people came to witness the conclusion of construction and celebrate our beautiful new beginning: the Cultural Crossing expansion. A 20-person delegation from the Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine traveled from Kamakura, Japan