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Gifts from Japan: A Horticultural Tale Told Through Botanical Art

Plants that originated in Japan have had an enormous impact on the gardens of the world. It is difficult to imagine spring without flowering cherries, irises, wisterias, and magnolias. Or autumn without the brilliant reds, oranges, and golds of chrysanthemums, ginkgo, and maples. Yet the unique story of these plants is generally untold. What were

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Did You Know Your Flowers Came from Japan? New Portland Japanese Garden Exhibition Illuminates the Origin of the Plants Around Us

As the Pacific Northwest moves from spring into summer, its landscape becomes decorated with the joyous colors of irises, wisteria, azaleas, and rhododendrons. These flowers have become so deeply woven into the gardens, parks, and yards of Oregon that one may not realize many are actually Japanese in origin. Gifts from Japan: A Horticultural Tale Told through Botanical Art, a new art exhibition at Portland Japanese Garden explores how these beloved plants voyaged across an ocean to establish new roots in the United States.

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Natural Garden Machiai to be Restored

The following is a letter from Hugo Torii, Garden Curator of Portland Japanese Garden, in which he shares an update on the upcoming restoration of a machiai (sheltered waiting area) in the Natural Garden, something that will happen because of the amazing support Portland Japanese Garden has received from its community both near and far.

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Webinar Recording: Art of Vitality, The Peter Shinbach Art Collection

Portland Japanese Garden hosted a webinar offering professional and personal insights into the evolving dynamics of the bamboo art form while taking viewers on an immersive journey across the techniques and minds of its masters. Bamboo represents a millennia-old cultural symbol for vitality, suppleness, and strength – bending, not breaking under adversity. Like many other

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From Oregon Public Broadcasting: Japan Institute breaks old ground for new cultural center in Portland

Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) reporter Steven Tonthat attended the hand-off event that celebrated Portland Japanese Garden’s acquisition of a property that will house our new sibling organization, the Japan Institute.  Tonthat spoke with Portland Japanese Garden CEO Steve Bloom and marketing director Megumi Kato and highlighted the exciting programming that will take place on our