Portland Japanese Garden's Cultural Village. Photo by James Florio.

The Japan Institute can be best understood as the next evolution of Portland Japanese Garden. These sibling organizations share a vision – to be a leading global voice for cultural understanding, in pursuit of a more peaceful, sustainable world.

The Japan Institute is being created in order to share and expand programs of Portland Japanese Garden more broadly around the world, expand international partnerships, and continue to engage diverse people in shared experiences and conversations about peace, beauty, and connection of nature.  

Simply put, creating it is the next step in realizing the organization’s mission:

Inspiring Harmony & Peace

Innovative programs, global collaborations, and experiential education for youth and adults are the hallmarks of The Japan Institute, organized around three centers:

  1. Global Center for Culture and Art  
  2. International Exchange Forum  
  3. International Japanese Garden Training Center  

The core of these three centers is the Garden itself, informing and responding to the programs around it.  

Japan Institute Campus

The campus for the Japan Institute is located on a 3.65 acre satellite site, merely 3 miles from Portland Japanese Garden. The property, previously owned by The Salvation Army, is located near Forest Park in Northwest Portland. It is a beautiful setting that includes a building designed by one of Oregon’s most prolific architects, A.E. Doyle.

Photo credit: Jones Lang Lasalle Inc. 

As part of the renovation of the property, acclaimed architect, Kengo Kuma and his team will partner with Portland-based Bullseye Glass Company to transform what is currently an aging chapel into an auditorium and performance center.

Path to Peace Campaign for Japan Institute

The purchase of the property along with the renovation and programming for the Japan Institute is made possible by generous Garden donors and fundraising is still ongoing. For inquiries on supporting the Japan Institute, please reach out to our Director of Philanthropy, Claire Eisenfeld at [email protected] or 503-542-0281. The proposal can be viewed below.