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Vision of Place

Notice: The Pavilion Gallery will close early at 4:00pm on June 7th due to a private event and the PEACE is POWER: Wish Tree by Yoko Ono event.

Shashin: Photographic Frontiers of Hokkaido 

Quiet Reflections of Hokkaido Winter: Photography by Sandra Chandler 

Breathtaking river scene with cherry blossom and bare trees, showcasing 'Vision of Place' text.

Celebrating 65 years of the Portland and Sapporo Sister City relationship, Vision of Place welcomes the work of a local Portland photographer and Hokkaido-based photographers to showcase the beauty of Japan’s northernmost prefecture, Hokkaido.

The North Finder and Quiet Reflections Artist Biographies and Portraits

Shashin: Photographic Frontiers of Hokkaido

Cherry Blossom reflecting over water with golden hue.
Cherry Blossom Season at Hakodate Goryokaku Castle ruins” 2022. Photo by Hisao Asano.

In the Pavilion Gallery, we’ve invited The North Finder. This Hokkaido-based group of photographers’ mission to “raise the image of Hokkaido through photography and help people to know Hokkaido more deeply” to share their perspective of Sapporo (capital of Hokkaido). The show exhibits the work of 23 photographers that capture the diversity of natural environments, distinctive seasons, and notable sites of Portland’s sister city from the perspective of the people who live there. Featuring a range of subjects, this exhibition shares poetic perspectives of the iconic region.

Quiet Reflections of Hokkaido Winter: Photography by Sandra Chandler

Abstract photo composite of trees and lake with a texture overlay.
Surrounding Birches, 2023. Photo by Sandra Chandler.

Connecting the perspective of Hokkaido with Portland is an exhibition of local artist Sandra Chandler, which is exhibited in the Jordan Schnitzer Japanese Arts Learning Center’s Calvin and Mayho Tanabe Gallery. Chandler is a passionate photographer, who has been a longtime supporter and Portland Japanese Garden’s Foundation Board Chairperson. Traveling the world using her designer’s eye, Chandler’s photography explores minimalist compositions artfully captured from nature. This exhibition showcases the essence of the serene winter landscape of Japan’s northernmost island. The artwork in Quiet Reflections evokes minimalism and reflection through artfully composed scenes from Hokkaido’s winter season.  

Learn more about the relationship between Portland Japanese Garden and the city of Sapporo and the stone lantern that serves as a tangible reminder of our longtime friendship.

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