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Member Exhibition Preview: Spirits Rising

Join us during member hours to view the latest Art Exhibition before it opens to the public. Enjoy a complimentary cup of hot tea on the Pavilion veranda, overlooking the Flat Garden, before or after visiting the exhibition.

The Pavilion will be open at 9am Tuesdays-Sundays for members throughout the entire Exhibition.

Maki Ishii, Ishiuchi Miyako ひろしま / hiroshima #123
Donor: Hosokawa, K. 2018

About the Exhibition

The exhibition Spirits Rising will include a selection of the internationally acclaimed photographer’s monumental ひろしま / hiroshima series, documenting cherished items and clothing left behind by victims of the atomic bomb detonated in Hiroshima at the close of World War II that are now housed at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum.

The subjects are captured in her unique, moving style that resurrects and gives voice to those who suffered and died on that fateful day, bringing to life a renewed appeal for humanity and global peace.

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