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Lecture: Gardens as Global Living Museums

Photo Credit: Jeff Eden

Kew as a Global Living Museum: Gardens as a Metaphor for Change, Creativity, and Community-Building

How are botanical gardens relevant in our fast-paced and everchanging world? Join us at Portland Art Museum’s Whitsell Auditorium for a conversation between Richard Deverell, Director of Royal Botanic Gardens Kew (U.K.), and Steve Bloom, CEO of Portland Japanese Garden, as they discuss the intersection between nature, science, art, and culture. Tickets are on sale now!

Richard Deverell is a leader reimagining the role of gardens in the 21st century. During his 10-year tenure as Director at Kew, he has committed to improving education and public engagement with the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Deverell’s talk will include how Kew incorporates innovative design projects and contemporary art to enrich visitors’ experience – an endeavor Portland Japanese Garden is also tackling. Kew is not only participating in scientific research projects, but also striving to make scientific research more accessible to the public. Using contemporary art as well as compelling stories, Kew is finding ways to authentically engage a wider audience in nature, climate change, and conservation. Deverell will discuss how institutions with imperialistic foundations can re-contextualize their history to provide learning experiences that reckon with the past, so the future can be more inclusive of diverse audiences and narratives.

Come learn more about gardens as “living museums” – places that stimulate curiosity and encourage engagement in nature. Seating is limited, so register early to reserve your spot.

This program is co-hosted by Portland Japanese Garden and Portland Art Museum. By courtesy of Portland Art Museum, guests of this lecture are invited to visit the Museum’s exhibitions before or after the lecture.

Photo Credit: Jim Holden

This lecture is brought to you by Portland Art Museum & Japan Institute of Portland Japanese Garden


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