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Ikenobo Ikebana Exhibition

Ikenobo Ikebana / Photo Courtesy of Ikenobo Ikebana

On the weekend of November 4-5, the Garden is pleased to host an exhibition of the Ikenobo School of Ikebana. With more than 550 years of documented history, Ikenobo is the oldest school of Japanese flower arranging. This art form has evolved through the ages, subtly blending old with new.

The use of different or indigenous materials and the creation of new styles add to ikebana’s continuing appeal such as freestyle. Ikebana—a single arrangement—is the embodiment of and window to an individual’s soul; a human endeavor connecting one to the spiritual realm and the world at large. It is a lifelong journey of commitment and meditation. Members of the Ikenobo School of Ikebana will showcase an array of exquisite designs in the Yanai Classroom.