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Art in the Garden

Hosokawa Morihiro: The Art of Life, A Rebirth in Clay

In honor of the Grand Opening of our new Cultural Village, the first exhibition of 2017 is a celebration of tea culture in the art and life of Hosokawa Morihiro, a former Prime Minister of Japan. We are honored to have this exhibition of former Prime Minister Hosokawa’s work in both the Pavilion Gallery and the Garden’s new Tanabe Gallery.

/ Photo by Yoshihiro Saito

Prime Minister Hosokawa is an 18th generation descendant of the Hosokawa clan of daimyo (feudal lords), one of the most illustrious samurai families in Japanese history. After 600 years of family history as warriors, tea masters and poets, Hosokawa left a career in politics behind in the late 1990s to pursue the life of an artist in clay and ink.