Photo by Julia Taylor

Andrew Robson

Andrew Robson demonstrating the art of bonsai
Photo by Erica Heartquist

Andrew Robson is an award-winning deciduous bonsai artist in the American bonsai community. He completed a 3 year apprenticeship with Michael Hagedorn, after graduating from Yale University. Andrew is the President of the Bonsai Society of Portland, the largest bonsai club in the United States. Additionally, he serves as a member of the Portland Bonsai Village, and has previously served as a board member of the American Bonsai Society. He regularly exhibits work at Portland Japanese Garden and lectures at the garden’s Jordan Schnitzer Japanese Arts Learning Center. Andrew is a host of the Bonsai Wire Podcast and regularly creates new episodes with the other hosts and prominent figures in the bonsai community. Andrew resides at garden RAKUYO-en with his golden retriever Bailey, where he teaches and shares the art of deciduous bonsai.