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Did You Know Your Flowers Came from Japan? New Portland Japanese Garden Exhibition Illuminates the Origin of the Plants Around Us

As the Pacific Northwest moves from spring into summer, its landscape becomes decorated with the joyous colors of irises, wisteria, azaleas, and rhododendrons. These flowers have become so deeply woven into the gardens, parks, and yards of Oregon that one may not realize many are actually Japanese in origin. Gifts from Japan: A Horticultural Tale Told through Botanical Art, a new art exhibition at Portland Japanese Garden explores how these beloved plants voyaged across an ocean to establish new roots in the United States.

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A Heartbreaking Day | A Letter from CEO Steve Bloom

Dear Portland Japanese Garden Community Last week was one of the hardest we have faced as an organization. On Wednesday, March 18 we closed the Garden to the public and ceased all programs until further notice. The next day, we made the painful and unprecedented decision to temporarily lay off the majority of our staff,

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Press Releases Art Exhibitions

Forest of Dreams: Celebrating Commonalities of Native Cultures

The Forest of Dreams: Ainu and Native American Woodcarving exhibition celebrates the commonalities of native cultures from both sides of the Pacific Ocean, showing that we are more alike than we are different. Forest of Dreams, the latest Art in the Garden exhibition at Portland Japanese Garden (Pavilion and Tanabe Galleries from June 8 – July