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2019: The Year in Festivals

Experience a year of Japanese celebrations with the Garden’s annual cultural festivals

March 3, 2019

Hina Matsuri, the Doll Festival

A treat for the whole family, Hina Matsuri includes activities like yukata dress up, a children’s ikebana workshop, and viewing of the seven-tiered display of festival dolls.


May 5, 2019

Kodomo-no Hi, Children’s Day

A range of kid-friendly activities like origami helmet-making, Taiko drumming, and a special children’s tea ceremony makes this the perfect festival for kids of all ages.


July 7, 2019

Tanabata, the Star Festival

Celebrate the Star Festival by decorating bamboo branches with origami ornaments and colorful written wishes. Music and storytelling add to the all-ages fun!


August 15 – 18, 2019

O-Bon, the Spirit Festival

The quiet reverence of the toro-nagashi ( 灯籠流し / lantern floating) with Reverend Kodachi will continue to be reserved for Garden Members only, taking place on Thursday, August 15 & Friday, August 16. That weekend – August 17 & 18 – in celebration open to the public the Garden will celebrate the more lively aspects of the festival including the bon-odori ( 盆踊り / Bon dance) plus additional music, food, and drinks.


September 13-15, 2019

O-Tsukimi, the Moonviewing Festival

Experience the romance of the Garden by moonlight. Savor Japanese food, observe a tea ceremony, and enjoy a cup of sake, all before watching the moon rise.

Tickets required.