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Tea Ceremony Celebrating the Collector, George Cummings

The Garden will offer a free public demonstration of Chado, the Way of Tea this Sunday from 1:00-2:00pm in the Japanese Arts Learning Center, presented by Jan Waldmann. Using period pieces from the collector’s personal collection of tea wares, Portland Japanese Garden will hold a celebratory ceremony for the long-time patron, George Cummings. A longtime potter and teacher based in Portland, Cummings’ personal collection encompassing both Japanese pieces and his own hand-crafted works will be displayed from Aug. 31 – Sept. 22.

Led by tea master Jan Waldmann, the formal ceremony will highlight the ritualized beauty of the centuries-old tradition of preparing and serving matcha green tea to honored guests. We are honored to partner with members of the Kashintei Kai Tea Society, who generously donate their time and knowledge to share this ancient and beautiful garden art form.