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Cultural Performance: Takohachi X

A new music group arises…

Yumi Torimaru, founder and director of the Portland music group Takohachi, forms another exciting group with musical partner, Kohei Kimura, called Takohachi X or TakoX, for short. TakoX, meaning Tako Ten, comes from the Roman numeral X.

TakoX takes another step for the Takohachi organization and its mission to bring Japanese culture and unique Takohachi originality to the community. Together they spearheaded Takohachi entering the Internet Shinobue Contest 2019 in Japan. Takohachi became the first overseas champion of the competition, culminating in a performance in Tokyo.

TakoX will feature a variety of cultural, educational, and powerful performances with music featuring Tsugaru Shamisen, Shinobue (bamboo flute), Taiko, Katari (storytelling), and dances from Japanese history, as well as new and original compositions. Much of TakoX’s music will feature Yumi’s innovative Shamisen/Fue compositions.