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Shoko Kanazawa Demonstration – Canceled

This event has been canceled. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

Join the Garden for a public demonstration by world-renowned calligraphy artist, Shoko Kanazawa. With a gigantic brush in hand, Shoko Kanazawa creates much of her art by using the strength of her whole body. Moving with precision, she expressly reveals each written stroke across large, blank sheets of paper. It is that same dramatic, calligraphic demonstration that Kanazawa will be bringing to Portland Japanese Garden as part of The Brush of Shoko Kanazawa (April 3 – May 3), an exhibition of more than ten of her celebrated works of art.

About Shoko Kanazawa

Since Shoko was a young child, Yasuko Kanazawa has been collecting artwork made by her daughter. Yasuko always knew Shoko had a gift, but was not aware her daughter’s art would become a global inspiration.

Born with Down syndrome, Shoko Kanazawa, 34, started studying calligraphy at age five and has since refined her craft to achieve worldwide fame. A young woman with talent that demands attention, Shoko has been selected as one of the official artists of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

“It is difficult for Shoko to clearly express herself with speech. Calligraphy has offered an outlet where she can fully connect with people while showcasing her artistic talent,” Yasuko Kanazawa said of her daughter. “She’s helping to change the way people view Down syndrome through her art.”