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Cultural Performance: Shakuhachi Flute and Koto

Join us today from 1-2pm for a special shakuhachi bamboo flute recital at the Cathy Rudd Cultural Corner by our musical partner, Marco Lienhard. For this program, the Master of the Koto Mitsuki Dazai will accompany Marco Lienhard.  Together they will present some very unique duets that will take you on a voyage through Japan.  A program of timeless music that will be presented in the unique setting of the Japanese Garden. An afternoon of music that you will not want to miss.


Photo courtesy of Marco Lienhard

Marco Lienhard, a Master of Japanese bamboo flutes, will present a program that will cover many genres of music and performed on different types of Japanese bamboo flutes. Discover or re-discover the soulful five –hole end blown bamboo flute: the Shakuhachi.

Marco Lienhard lived in Japan for 18 years (1981-1998) as a member of Ondekoza, the legendary Japanese Taiko group, whose members were renowned for completing the Boston Marathon and then playing Taiko for other runners as they crossed the finish line.  During his years with Ondekoza, he mastered performing the Taiko, Fue, Noh theater flute and, under the tutelage of Katsuya Yokoyama, the Shakuhachi.