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Ryusei-ha Ikebana Exhibition

Ryusei-ha Ikebana Exhibition / Photo by Jonathan Ley

Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arranging, has been translated as “living flowers” or “giving life to flowers.” On the weekend of October 6-7, the Garden is pleased to host an autumn exhibition of the Ryusei-ha School of Ikebana, featuring the work of students and teachers of the Portland branch of this school, headquartered in Tokyo.

About Ryusei-ha Ikebana

Founder Kaun Yoshimura began his own studies of flower arrangement at the Ikenobo School, but became dissatisfied with older styles and started his own school in 1886, which is known today for fostering an appreciation for the natural form of plants as they exist in nature, coupled with an adventurous approach to materials and the spirit of innovation. According to him, the Ryusei-ha School of Ikebana seeks to explore the many “faces of plants,” helping us to rediscover their essential vitality. His successor, Kakyu Yoshimura, the second headmaster, enhanced the founder’s ideas by further developing the traditional forms and laying the ground work for what has become the modern style.

Although students in this school must demonstrate mastery of traditional forms, they also create free style installations that blur the boundaries between flower arrangement and sculpture. Some prefer not to use artificially made containers, but, instead, use natural materials as containers.