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SOLD OUT:O-Tsukimi, the Moonviewing Festival

This event is sold out on both October 1 and October 2. 

Moonviewing, or O-tsukimi in Japanese, is an annual festival and custom of gazing at the full moon and enjoying its sacred beauty. Portland Japanese Garden is upholding this beloved annual tradition as a benefit event this year, and will accommodate COVID-19 safety precautions and guidelines to keep a safe and comfortable environment for guests.

Photo by Jonathan LeY

Start the evening with an intimate and peaceful stroll through the lantern-lit Garden. Take in authentic Japanese music. Catch up with a friend or two, or more. Enjoy a cup of tea as you watch the harvest moon rise above the city.

In celebration of Moonviewing, the raked gravel in the Flat Garden is designed in a special, once-a-year checkerboard raking pattern; the alternating squares of white river gravel cast shadows in the moonlight and are said to resemble rice fields at harvest time.

Proceeds from this year’s Moonviewing support the Garden’s cultural and educational programming.

Please no tripods or flash photography. 

New Updates and Guidelines for Our Moonviewing Event

  • Face coverings are required in all Garden spaces, indoor and outdoor
  • For each evening, the event is limited to 100 guests, to help with physical distancing
  • All paths will be one-directional to limit contact between guests and avoid clustering
  • Seating area in the overlook will be reduced to help with physical distancing
  • There won’t be a tea program at the Kashintei Tea House as in previous years due to capacity; however, there will be a designated area where guests will be able to enjoy their tea without masks on (this is the only area where face coverings are allowed to be taken off temporarily)
  • There will be Koto and Shakuhachi performances throughout the evening, physical distancing must be observed
  • This event will occur rain or shine, so please come prepared and dressed accordingly.
  • Staff will be around to help answer any questions!

To learn more about Moonviewing, see here.