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Kendall Brown – Visionary Landscapes: The Role of Japanese Gardens Now

Courtesy of Kendall Brown

Japanese gardens have been a part of the cultural landscape of North America since the 19th century. Professor Kendall H. Brown will examine the question of how these microcosms of nature shaped by centuries of Japanese tradition impact our lives in North America in the present, and what role Japanese gardens fill in North America now. Kendall H. Brown is a professor of Asian Art History and an influential figure in the study of North American Japanese gardens.

His latest book, Visionary Landscapes (Tuttle), examines the work of contemporary landscape architects using the extraordinary power of Japanese-style garden design to create an immersive experience of personal and social well-being. The book will be for sale and signing at the event.

This event is presented by the International Japanese Garden Training Center, which is supported by the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership.