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Fifteen Years of Pottery Making: Hosokawa Morihiro Today

This lecture is part of the spring exhibition Hosokawa Morihiro: The Art of Life, A Rebirth in Clay. Senior curator and deputy director at Nezu Museum, Dr. Nishida Hiroko will give a lecture about Mr. Hosokawa’s pottery practice.

As Guest Curator of the current exhibition of work by Former Prime Minister Hosokawa Morihiro, Nishida Hiroko will tell the story of this remarkable man who left a hectic career in politics at the age of 60 and started a new life in Yugawara, Kanagawa. There, in a tranquil rural setting, engrossed in reading, fishing, and learning calligraphy, he reinvented his life and discovered the joy of making pottery. We will look at his pottery practice since then—over the last fifteen years.