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Kadomatsu, Japanese New Year Decorations

Kadomatsu by designer Toru Tanaka / Photo by Jonathan Ley

This workshop is SOLD OUT.

Pine, bamboo and plum are the three most auspicious plants for the Japanese New Year. All across Japan, during the New Year celebration, or Oshogatsu, you will find these plants at residential doorways and the entrances to temples, shrines, public and commercial facilities alike. They are kadomatsu or “gate pines,” taking various forms according to how the boughs of the three plants are tied together. A common interpretation of their meaning is that the evergreen pine tree represents constancy and longevity; bamboo uprightness and resilience; and plum the purity and the first blossoms of spring, imparting the sense of renewal.

Tools, plant materials and learning materials are provided. Participants are asked to bring lunch. Please arrive by 8:50am for event check-in.

Please note that the Garden Workshops involve some physical work. If you wish to participate and have any limitations or concerns, please contact us for information.