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Ikebana International Exhibition

Arrangement by Ikebana International / Photo by Jonathan Ley

The Garden is pleased to host an exhibition by Ikebana International. The traditional Japanese art of Ikebana is unique from other approaches to flower arrangement. In Ikebana, asymmetry and the use of empty space are essential features of the overall composition. A sense of harmony among the materials, the container, and the setting is also crucial.

Ikebana International is a non-profit cultural organization dedicated to the promotion and appreciation of ikebana. Ikebana International does not teach any single type of ikebana. Rather, it is an interest group made up of people of many nationalities who enjoy ikebana and other arts of Japan.

Ikebana and many Japanese arts share similar goals with Japanese gardens, where the physical manifestations are the product of careful mastery of time-honored processes. With mastery of these processes comes the understanding and appreciation of the human endeavor.