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Art in the Garden

Ice & Stone

Ice & Stone: Suiseki Viewing Stones from the Huntington & Hokkaido Photographs by Michael Kenna

February 9 – March 24, 2019

(Extended display in Tanabe Gallery through April 7)


Rock Formations, Study 2, Yoichi, Hokkaido, Japan, 2004. By Michael Kenna

Suiseki (水石) is the Japanese art of stone appreciation. From ancient times, people in Japan have found beauty in rocks and cherished them for their unique patterns which evoke the grandeur of nature. A key element in the art of viewing stones is the way the stones are displayed. Each stone is positioned to be seen from its most compelling angle, typically mounted on a hand-carved wooden base, known as a daiza, or set in a sand-filled tray, a suiban.

This exhibition on loan from the prestigious Huntington Library and Gardens features a selection of suiseki viewing stones from the collection of James Greaves to be curated by Huntington Cultural Curator, Robert Hori. The stones will be paired with a selection of black and white photography of ruggedly poetic Hokkaido landscapes by Seattle photographer Michael Kenna, as Portland Japanese Garden celebrates 2019 as The Year of Hokkaido.