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Geisha: Unraveling the Art and Mystery – SOLD OUT

Geisha, along with Mt. Fuji and samurai, have long been synonymous with the culture of Japan.

With the disappearance of the samurai and influx of Western influence into Japan, the geisha and their world are one of the few remaining mysteries of the island nation. Only a limited number of cultural experts and scholars hold the key to this ever-evolving role as living conservator of some of Japan’s oldest customs and art forms.

Join us for this special occasion as Portland Japanese Garden proudly presents three authentic geisha (1 geiko and 2 maiko) from Kyoto along with geisha expert, Peter MacIntosh, for an evening of dazzling performance and insightful lecture. This 90-minute narrated performance in one of the most authentic Japanese gardens outside Japan not only invites you to the environs of the innermost parlor of Kyoto’s traditional performing art, but also lays a cultural framework to help demystify geisha culture.