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Ikebana Demonstration by Master Teacher from Kyoto

As part of the first Art in the Garden exhibition of 2018, Hanakago: The Art of Bamboo and Flowers, master teacher Etsuho Kakihana Sensei, Assistant Headmistress of the Saga Goryu School of Ikebana Headquarters in Kyoto, will present two demonstrations of Ikebana in the Yanai Classroom assisted by Mitsuho Shima Sensei and Setsuho Horii Sensei. Don’t miss this rare opportunity!

The first demonstration is scheduled for 11am.

Hanakago: The Art of Bamboo and Flowers

Our first exhibition of 2018, Hanakago (flower basket), features more exquisite bamboo masterpieces from Portland resident Peter Shinbach’s incredible bamboo art collection, highlighted by the ikebana art of Mrs. Etsuho Kakihana, master teacher of ikebana of the Saga Goryu School at Daikakuji, one of Kyoto’s oldest and most revered Buddhist Temples.

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