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Cultural Demonstration: Misono-dana Tea Ceremony

Misono-dana ceremony

In the early Meiji era, the Kyoto Prefecture held the first tea exposition in Japan. The governor of Kyoto asked the 11th Urasenke Grand Tea Master, Gengensai, to create a new tea ceremony style, so that foreign guests could experience the most sophisticated Japanese culture comfortably and to show the heart of hospitality of the way of tea. The ryu-rei style of tea ceremony was conceived, in which the host and guests are seated in chairs instead of the traditional tatami mat; this ceremony could be conducted almost anywhere, even outdoors. The use of the misono-dana allowed the host to comfortably prepare the tea. It was considered a great success and since then, this type of tea ceremony has been enjoyed all over the world. This ryu-rei style of tea ceremony, using the misono-dana, will take place in the Jordan Schnitzer Japanese Arts Learning Center in our Cultural Village from 1pm -2pm.