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Cultural Demonstration: Ceramics

Photo Courtesy of Steve Sanchez

Artist Steve Sanchez will demonstrate throwing a large vessel on the potters wheel as well as trimming a thrown vessel and slip application to achieve texture and movement.

About the Artist

Steve Sanchez is a ceramic artist currently living in the Portland area.   He lived in Japan for a year in the late 80’s, and it was there that he was first introduced to Japanese pottery, as well as the rich history and culture that surrounds it.   Although it would still be 10 full years before he would start to work with clay, this time in Japan had a profound impact.  That experience in Japan still inspires his work to this day.

Photo Courtesy of Steve Sanchez

These objects were not created as Art, but were utilitarian and intended for everyday use.  His work continues to be influenced by traditional Japanese wares that possess elegance in their refined simplicity, as well as the natural beauty surrounding us here in the Pacific North West.  By bringing these natural elements into his work, he creates a feeling of both strength and balance in his work.

Steve has always had a love for atmospheric firing techniques; the movement, surfaces and textures, as well as the carbon trapping that can be achieve has always attracted him.  It is that search for the one-of-a-kind pot that continues to fuel his excitement and love for clay