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Behind the Shoji Summer Marketplace

Behind the Shoji is Portland Japanese Garden’s annual show and sale of Japanese and Japanese-inspired wares including textiles, prints, clothing, ceramics, home décor, and much more. Located behind the shoji (sliding screens) of the Pavilion Gallery, visitors can peruse a variety of curated items often unavailable short of a visit to Japan itself.

“I travel to Japan yearly to attend the Tokyo International Gift Show and visit a new region each year to meet with craftsmen in their studios and shops,” shared Ashley McQuade, Director of Buying and Merchandising. “The most rewarding part of my travels is creating partnerships with independent craftsmen – I’m always left feeling inspired by the experience. With these partnerships, the Garden supports the livelihoods and, in some cases, helps keep interest in their crafts from waning. In return, we offer our visitors a unique product selection and help to create a greater understanding of Japanese craftsmanship and culture.”



The Pavilion Gallery is used for exhibitions and special events. Architectural features include shoji (translucent paper panels) and verandas that connote the integration of house and garden. The overlook offers a spectacular view of Mt. Hood to the east.