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Bamboo Art Demonstration by Hideaki Honma

As part of the Art in the Garden exhibition, Tewaza no Bi: Bamboo Art from the Collection of Peter Shinbach, Hideaki Honma will demonstrate basketry techniques including splitting bamboo, weaving, and attaching separate components in the Garden Studio. This event features speaker Koichi Okada from TAI Modern Gallery as well as Honma’s art on display.

About Hideaki Honma

Honma is inspired by the abundant natural beauty on his native Sado Island. Bamboo provides a vehicle for expressing his passion and appreciation for the plants and animals that surround him in his daily life. He uses menya, a type of soft, pliable bamboo, which only grows on the island. Honma’s work is on display as part of an exhibition of modern and contemporary bamboo art at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, now through February 4, 2018.

Tewaza no Bi: Bamboo Art from the Collection of Peter Shinbach

This summer, the Garden will host an exhibition of Japanese bamboo art on loan from long-time Garden member and local collector, Peter Shinbach, in the new Tanabe Gallery.

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