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Artist Walk-Through with Bidou Yamaguchi

Photo Courtesy of Bidou Yamaguchi

Bidou Yamaguchi is a contemporary artist who uses masks as a vehicle for his creations. Yamaguchi was trained to make reproductions of historic Japanese Noh masks; however, beginning in 2003, he decided to radicalize the traditional mask-making practice. “I had a growing desire to go further, toward a new world of beauty. My desire to go beyond my traditional craft – to create a new and different kind of mask – became stronger day by day.”

Bidou Yamaguchi’s Mona Lisa mask / Photo Courtesy of Bidou Yamaguchi

As part of his exhibition, Masked and Revealed: The World of Bidou Yamaguchi, Mr. Yamaguchi will give an Artist Walk-through in the Tanabe gallery where he will share his perspective on his creations.