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Art of Vitality: Peter Shinbach Bamboo Art Collection

The Tanabe Gallery is honored to host an exhibition of Portland resident, Peter Shinbach’s fine art bamboo collection. Showcasing his newest acquisitions, this latest exhibition includes work by some of the most revered names in Japanese bamboo art: Maeda Chikubosai I, Kibe Seiho, and Honda Syoryu. Bamboo represents a millennia-old cultural symbol for vitality, suppleness, and resilience.

In Japan and other Asian cultures, it is valued for its strength and rapid growth, making it a critical natural material for building homes, designing furniture, and crafting accessories. This display will feature both functional bamboo forms such as baskets and ikebana vessels, as well as more sculptural pieces from the contemporary masters who push the creative envelope of the art form. 


Tanabe Gallery

Among the many new experiences that await visitors inside the Jordan Schnitzer Japanese Arts Learning Center is the beautifully designed Calvin and Mayho Tanabe Gallery.