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Volunteer Generosity Makes Garden Mornings More Peaceful

Photo by Wayne Williams.

Portland Japanese Garden is committed to being a steward of our shared natural environment. In response to member feedback as well as Multnomah County’s vote to transition leaf-blowers from gas-powered to electric models, the Garden is undergoing a gradual transition to electric leaf blowers, which will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and noise pollution. While the use of gas-powered leaf blowers may still be required when there is a larger and heavier volume of fallen leaves, the Garden has begun to acquire electric leaf blowers, aided by the incredible generosity of its volunteers.

Volunteers provided over $5,000 to the Garden this year to help the organization purchase two new leaf blowers, including a Husqvarna blower ($400), Husqvarna Charger ($150), Husqvarna Backpack Batteries ($800), and Husqvarna E-Mower ($1,000). Last year, the Garden’s volunteers aided in the raising of money to support Japan Institute’s Artist-in-Residence program.

“The volunteers who dedicate their time and energy to Portland Japanese Garden connect deeply with our mission of Inspiring Harmony and Peace,” shared the Garden’s Volunteer Programs Manager, Sarah Lynch. “I am consistently in awe of the effort our volunteers make to educate themselves about the Garden’s history and philosophy, to share that knowledge and enthusiasm with visitors, and to grow and evolve with the Garden. We’re lucky as an organization to have a corps of volunteers who care and give so much.”