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The Wondrous World of Japanese Pottery

Learn about the different styles of Japanese pottery, universe of techniques and regional varieties in addition to how one could start their own collection through a virtual fireside chat between Kyoto-based Japanese pottery expert, Robert Yellin and local collectors and enthusiasts, Steve Bloom (CEO, Portland Japanese Garden) and Richard Anderson (member/docent, Portland Japanese Garden).

Yellin, with 40 years of experience at the forefront of Japanese pottery, is one of the most highly-regarded ceramic art specialists in Japan. Anderson, who has lived in Japan for extended periods of time, first discovered his interest in Japanese pottery as he was helping to build an art museum at the largest Buddhist temple complex in Tokyo (more about Anderson here). Some of the finest pieces from his collection were exhibited at Portland Japanese Garden earlier this year. Bloom, having visited Japan close to 100 times over his professional life, discovered the beauty and profundity of Japanese pottery early on, and how it is an integral part of Japanese culture and heritage.

This virtual event was produced in partnership with The Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership. The event occurred on October 20, 2020, but the recording can be enjoyed through the link below.