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Spring in the Garden: March 16, 2020

As we approach the first day of spring, we’re seeing more pops of color appear throughout the Garden. New moss growth displays vibrant shades of green and bright purple azaleas will catch your eye from afar. Here are some of this week’s highlights:

  • The Flat Garden’s Weeping Cherry is nearing peak bloom with nearly the entire canopy filled with delicate pink flowers.
  • Flowering azalea shrubs show off a stunning shade of bright purple blooms among a backdrop of green within our Tea Garden.
  • Camellias, our earliest blooms, have been showing displays of pink, white and red. Catch these blooms before they’re past their peak in the next few weeks.
  • The Yoshino Cherry trees’ buds have yet to reveal a full bloom but we anticipate shades of white and light pink flowers will appear in the coming weeks.
  • Pieris is in full bloom throughout the Garden, showing clusters of white urn-shaped flowers in the Strolling Pond Garden, Flat Garden and Natural Garden.

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