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Harmony of Art & Nature: Whisky Tasting with Legendary Creator of Japan’s Most Revered Whiskies

Photo courtesy of Suntory Corporation

In July, Portland Japanese Garden is proud to present our first-ever Japanese Whisky Tasting in partnership with Suntory corporation, featuring globally-acclaimed Yamazaki and Hibiki pours. Whisky appreciation tastings will feature introduction and commentary by Japan’s most revered Whisky Master Seiichi Koshimizu, Chief Blender Emeritus of Suntory Yamazaki Distillery. Mr. Koshimizu played a pivotal role in elevating Hibiki, Yamazaki, and Hakushu to becoming global forces, and he has been recognized by Whisky Magazine as “one of those people that has made Japanese whisky iconic, and one of the most high standard and consistently loved whiskies in the world.”

Suntory prides itself not only on the role it has played in bringing Japanese whisky onto the world stage, but also in the art and craft of whiskies it has developed, and its long history of bringing that art in harmony with nature. Suntory founder Shinjiro Torii had the vision to “create a perfect whisky that reflects the nature of Japan and the spirit of Japanese craftsmanship,” and he set out to realize this vision in 1923 with the establishment of the Yamazaki distillery in southwestern Kyoto at the foot of Mt. Tennozan. The site was chosen for the quality of its water, famous since ancient times, and that respect for the gift and life-giving force of water remains central to Suntory’s philosophy today.

Join us for some of the world’s finest and most finely crafted whiskies, as well as more stories and insights into this delectable artform that connects Japan to the food and nature of the Pacific Northwest. Tickets go on sale in June at $295 for members and $345 for non-members.

More details coming soon about the culinary pairings for the event, provided by an acclaimed and beloved Portland restaurant. Follow our emails, website, and social media for these updates and more, including when tickets will go on sale.


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