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Public lectures by acclaimed designers, researchers, authors, and practitioners from the U.S., Japan, the U.K. and elsewhere stimulate discussion, disseminate new knowledge, and facilitate connections. Speakers have included garden designer Hoichi Kurisu, landscape architect and Japanese garden expert Marc P. Keane, and author and pruning expert Jake Hobson.

2018 Garden Expressions Lecture Series

Courtesy of Hoichi Kurisu

Hoichi Kurisu – Restorative Landscapes: The Healing Garden at the Oregon State Penitentiary

February 15, 2018

Renowned garden designer Hoichi Kurisu is collaborating with a group of Oregon State Penitentiary inmates to create a Japanese-inspired healing garden at the state’s only maximum security facility. Kurisu will present the project and lead a discussion about how a garden can lead to redemption and rehabilitation.

Photo by James Bowden

Jake Hobson – Niwaki: Interpreting Garden Trees Outside of Japan

March 15, 2018

Author, sculptor, and pruning expert Jake Hobson explores the use of trees in Japanese gardens and how to rethink their use outside of Japan. With a sculptor’s eye, he’ll blur the line between east and west for a bold new view on the shape of plants.

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Photo by Miko Hayashi

Balazs Bognar – Tradition Serving the Future: Lessons from the Portland Japanese Garden’s New Architecture

April 19, 2018

Architect Balazs Bognar will use the new design for Portland Japanese Garden to unpack lessons for the future, focusing on the idea of learning from tradition while updating it to suit contemporary needs. In a lecture exploring themes of materials, details, methods, processes, and spatial experience, Bognar will offer a deeper, more thoughtful understanding of how tradition can inform the future of architecture to foster sensitive designs that serve generations to come.

Photo by Kenji

Ann McClellan – Bonsai: Tiny Trees, Big Stories

May 24, 2018

Join Ann McClellan for a compelling introduction to the world of bonsai and its intriguing cultural history. The author will share fascinating tales of the miniature trees and landscapes, highlighting their famous creators and invaluable and surprising roles in international diplomacy.