2020 Garden+ Lecture Series

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Discover new ideas and join the vibrant discussion about Japanese gardens.

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Garden+, a program of the International Japanese Garden Training Center, introduces a new roster of speakers bringing creative ideas, thought-provoking talks and transformative conversations to frame 2020, our Year of Peace. Our vibrant speaker series places the Japanese garden tradition in new light, connecting it to topics like nature, technology, health, architecture, culture, design, spirituality, and society. Garden+ invites designers, authors, and practitioners to explain new ideas, challenge assumptions, and share new creative work with our audiences.

We’ve made a few changes to the series. Just like last year, we’ll offer two seatings for some of our Garden+ events so that we can offer an intimate and comfortable audience experience in our beautiful Yanai Classroom. But this year, the first seating will be a lecture presentation with the second seating a less formal interview format offering opportunity for spontaneous conversation.

Tickets, unless otherwise noted, are $20/members, $25/non-members and $12.50 for students under 25, with valid student ID to be presented upon arrival. Please see individual event listings for exact ticket on-sale dates.

Garden+ Lecture Series

Film Screening and Panel Discussion: The Garden of Secrets

Location: Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, Empirical Theatre

Feb. 12, 2020

Garden+ joins up with OMSI to present the short film “Garden of Secrets,” a co-production of TeaLeaves and the University of British Columbia’s Botanical Garden about botanical gardens as “idea libraries” to help us design for the future.

Through millions of years of evolution, the structures and processes of organisms have resolved many of the engineering and environmental challenges facing the modern world–we just need to look, observe, and learn. Botanical gardens are places where a wealth of these solutions have been assembled near the doorsteps of the scientists, engineers, and designers tackling these issues. The screening will be followed by a panel discussion about the revolutionary new role botanical gardens can fill in helping us find solutions for the future.

Richard Deverell

The Future Role of Botanical Gardens

Richard Deverell, Director of Kew Royal Botanical Gardens.

March 23, 2020

Botanical gardens have historically served as places of research and discovery as well as places to simply marvel and wonder at the beauty and diversity of the plant world.  The director of Kew Gardens — one of the world’s most formidable botanical institutions – shares some important thoughts on the compelling need to re-envision research, conservation, advocacy and education in the service of a thriving and interconnected future.

Marc Treib

Sutemi Horiguchi and Japanese Modernism

April 28, 2020

The prolific critic and historian of architecture and landscape architecture delves into the topic of his most recent book: Sutemi Horiguchi, one of the first Japanese architects to explore Modernist architecture in the west.

In a fascinating example of cross-cultural currents, Horiguchi brought his own interpretation of western Modernist architecture – a movement that had been powerfully influenced by Japanese architecture — back to Japan.

Yasuo Kitayama in Conversation with Sadafumi Uchiyama and Hugo Torii

Inside the Mind of a Japanese Gardener

June 15, 2020

Kitayama, an internationally-renowned landscape architect and garden master, takes part in a spontaneous conversation with the Garden’s curator, Sadafumi Uchiyama, and Director of Ground Maintenance, Hugo Torii, both accomplished garden masters trained in the Japanese tradition. A Japanese garden craftsman learns primarily by doing, apprenticed for years to a master and learning all aspects of the creation and care of a garden. What does this training lead him to see when he looks at a garden? How does his intuitive understanding interact with his intellect?  How does he plan for a garden’s future that will continue long after he’s gone?

D. Fairchild Ruggles

The Culture of Islamic Gardens

July 16, 2020

Gardens – not just in Japan, but across the globe — are an art form that transcends national boundaries, religious divides and time to help people connect to nature.

Listen as a noted scholar explains the history and tradition of the gardens of Islam and what its gardens tell us about a civilization.

Kenneth Helphand and Alan Miyatake

A Beautiful Resistance: A Panel Discussion on the Power of Art and Gardens at Manzanar

Dec. 3, 2020

We close our 2020 Garden+ series with this event, presented in connection with “Art and Gardens: Healing Nature at Manzanar,” the Garden’s exhibit on the Manzanar World War II incarceration camp featuring photography by Dorothea Lange, Ansel Adams and Toyo Miyatake.  The conversation will center on the question of how creating beautiful spaces and objects was not only possible but in fact absolutely essential for nourishing the detainees’ souls and strengthening their resolve to survive. Panelists include University of Oregon professor emeritus of landscape architecture Kenneth Helphand, author of the acclaimed book Defiant Gardens and Alan Miyatake, grandson of photographer Toyo Miyatake, who continues the tradition of Toyo Miyatake Studio, founded in 1923. Additional panelists will be announced shortly.