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Chado, the Way of Tea

Photo by Jonathan Ley

The Garden will offer a free public demonstration of Chado, the Way of Tea in the Kashintei Tea House. We are honored to partner with Kashintei Kai who generously donate their time and knowledge to share this ancient and beautiful garden art form with our members and visitors.

While these demonstrations can seem quiet and foreign to an American audience, an understanding of the process’s steps and intentions helps the viewer appreciate what they are seeing. What are we meant to observe when watching such a special demonstration?

Photo by Jonathan Ley

The Way of Tea is intrinsically linked to Japanese gardens and understanding the kokoro (heart) of Japanese gardening. As such an important component, we want to delve into helping our readers understand the complexities of Chado and what makes it such an inspiring practice.


Tea Garden

A Japanese tea garden [cha-niwa or roji] is a place for quiet reflection on the beauty of nature and the art of living in harmony.