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American Public Gardens Association Plenary Lunch Annual Conference

Portland Japanese Garden is the honored to host the 2022 APGA conference, taking place in our very own Portland, Oregon. This conference will be convening together professionals of the public garden field, representing 600 institutions in all 50 states, plus 20 nations.

At this luncheon event, Portland Japanese Garden’s very own Steve Bloom will present a keynote speech about the power of vision, effectively and passionately communicated and implemented, to bring about transformational change. The presentation explores the importance of relationships and networks to fulfill organizational mission, and how an inclusive and evolving vision can grow community and accomplish the mundane, the unexpected, and the remarkable.

This luncheon will be held at Hilton Portland Downtown (921 SW 6th Avenue). Tickets are $65 a person and will be on sale through June 6th.


Japan Institute

Japan Institute can be best understood as the next evolution of Portland Japanese Garden. These sibling organizations share a vision – to be a leading global voice for cultural understanding, in pursuit of a more peaceful, sustainable world.