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Active Military to Receive Free Admission to Portland Japanese Garden during 2019 Rose Festival Fleet Week

(Portland, Ore.) Portland Japanese Garden, a proud sponsor of the United Stated Armed Forces, will mark Fleet Week this year by offering free admission for all active military personnel. “During the Rose Festival Fleet Week, we’re honoring our active military members by inviting them to enjoy a stroll through Portland Japanese Garden. One of the

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Forest of Dreams: Celebrating Commonalities of Native Cultures

The Forest of Dreams: Ainu and Native American Woodcarving exhibition celebrates the commonalities of native cultures from both sides of the Pacific Ocean, showing that we are more alike than we are different. Forest of Dreams, the latest Art in the Garden exhibition at Portland Japanese Garden (Pavilion and Tanabe Galleries from June 8 – July

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Celebrate Earth Day by Honoring the Planet Everyday

At Portland Japanese Garden, we try to protect and honor the planet year-round, from the LEED-award-winning design of the new Cultural Village, to continually seeking out more earth-friendly practices Garden-wide. Here are just some of the small ways Portland Japanese Garden is making a big difference in being green in its daily operations: Portland Japanese

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Subtle Forms of Nature’s Artistry in Stone

Ice & Stone: Suiseki Viewing Stones From The Huntington Library  Paired with Stark Landscape Photography by Michael Kenna (Portland, Ore.) – Suiseki is the Japanese art of stone appreciation. Formed over centuries by wind, water and erosion, viewing stones are valued for their distinct shape, color, and texture.  Viewing stones take many forms including distant

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Nurtured by Nature: How Japanese Gardens Support our Bodies and Minds

“When we are surrounded by nature, a feeling of comfort comes over us and our bodies become relaxed. Most of us would intuitively recognize this feeling, but until recently we haven’t had any evidence to prove it.” – Yoshigumi Miyazaki, excerpt from his book Shinrin Yoku At Portland Japanese Garden, we have been studying the

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Letter from the CEO: Beginning my Japan Residency

Kon’nichiwa! This October, it is with gratitude and excitement that I am embarking on a Japan residency for six months to advance the work of the Garden. This work abroad will focus on expanding the Garden’s network throughout Japan as well as with Japanese garden and cultural centers internationally. Longtime members may remember when I

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Japanese Garden Conference has lessons for life

PORTLAND, Ore. – Harmony, respect, tranquility. The elements that inform a Japanese garden are as sought after today as they were 1,500 years ago when Japanese gardens were first introduced. It is these themes and more that will be explored by scholars, practitioners, and artists from around the world at the 2018 International Japanese Garden