Member-Only News Releases Garden in the News

Moon Bridge Membership Connects Community

Portland Japanese Garden – a nonprofit cultural organization located in Portland’s Washington Park for more than 50 years – is introducing an access membership to welcome more members in 2020.   In keeping with the organization’s mission to bring the ideals of Portland Japanese Garden to the world: art of craft, connection to nature, and experience


2021 Calendar Photo Contest

Be a part of Garden history! We invite our members to join in our 2021 Calendar Photo Contest. Entries must be postmarked by March 16, 2020. As prizes, the 12 main image winners will each receive 10 calendars, and the inset image winners each get one calendar. We sell over 2,000 copies of the popular


Member Lottery of Shimenawa Ropes

We would like to offer two shimenawa ropes exclusively for our members at the price of $50 each. Shimenawa is a braided straw rope used as a talisman against evil and that can be found in Shinto shrines to mark or enclose sacred areas. At Portland Japanese Garden, they have been displayed between Christmas and

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