Garden in the News

Garden in the News

Kyoto Journal Highlights Found in Translation: Teaching the art of the Japanese Garden by Kristin Faurest

Kyoto Journal recently published a piece about the Garden’s International Japanese Garden Training Center written by Kristin Faurest, the Training Center’s Director. The Center was developed to share with individuals outside of Japan the skills, knowledge, techniques and philosophies that have resided mainly in the hands and hearts of Japanese gardeners for centuries. Read more

Garden in the News

Section Magazine Features Cultural Crossing Architecture in Past Meets Future

We’re so happy to be featured in the architecture and design magazine SectionMag in this article “Past Meets Future” by Brian Libby. SectionMag takes it name from the architectural design feature which exposes a structure’s inside workings to the spectator: “In architecture, a section is a cutaway view of the building exposing that which cannot be directly

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It’s Greener Here: Thank You for Not Driving

We want to thank you for choosing not to drive when you’ve come to visit Portland Japanese Garden. We’ve recently crunched the numbers and can proudly say that your choice to leave your cars at home is working to help reduce overall congestion in Washington Park! New transportation data by Washington Park shows that only

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Garden in the News

Luxe Magazine: Shelf Life

Check out this mention in Luxe Interiors + Design Magazine about the upcoming book Kengo Kuma: Portland Japanese Garden, by Balazs and Botond Bognar (Rizzoli Publishing, 2019). “Fans of gorgeous greenery can bring a portion of Kuma’s work home with them in the new book Kengo Kuma: Portland Japanese Garden, which immortalizes and celebrates the stunning outdoor

Garden in the News

Spy News Magazine: A Visit to Portland Japanese Garden

“No matter what your interests are the Portland Japanese Garden is a spectacular place to visit while in Portland not only to be observed but to immerse yourself in Japanese culture.” Read the full article about what makes Portland Japanese Garden a must-visit for Spy News Magazine, here.   Article by Rutger Deverell & Christopher Dela Cruz/Spy

Garden in the News

Inhabit a Kengo Kuma Creation

“You’ll applaud the execution of the Suteki house. Rooms facing the backyard completely open to a yellow cedar deck and landscaping designed by Sadafumi Uchiyama, Curator of Portland Japanese Garden,” The Oregonian, July 2017 World-renowned architect Kengo Kuma’s Cultural Village at Portland Japanese Garden has transformed the landscape with a beautiful harmony of garden and