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Subtle Forms of Nature’s Artistry in Stone

Ice & Stone: Suiseki Viewing Stones From The Huntington Library  Paired with Stark Landscape Photography by Michael Kenna (Portland, Ore.) – Suiseki is the Japanese art of stone appreciation. Formed over centuries by wind, water and erosion, viewing stones are valued for their distinct shape, color, and texture.  Viewing stones take many forms including distant

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Fostering the Future

This post was written by Kristin Faurest, director of our International Japanese Garden Training Center ,  and was originally featured on the landscape architecture blog Land 8. Low-maintenance is a sought-after quality in landscapes — as well as in architecture, vehicles, pets, hairstyles, flooring, the personalities of prospective mates, and pretty much everything else. We use the word

Garden in the News

The Register-Guard: Portland Japanese Garden shines, fall most of all

“Showcase hillside gardens, a year-round marvel of contemplative landscaping and hardscaping, also erupt with seasonal splendor in autumn.” “From the moment one moves from the Tanabe Welcome Center into the Entry Garden inside the Cultural Village at the Portland Japanese Garden, the undercurrent of gurgling water, whispering breezes moving through towering Douglas firs, even the gentle

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OPB: Reflections On Peace, Portland Japanese Garden

“That desire for reconciliation and partnership, including economically, gave Portland’s city planners the means and momentum to build the garden on the site of the old city zoo in the West Hills….” Initially, there were five “gardens-within-a-garden;” one for strolling through a series of waterways and vistas; a flat garden characterized by formal shapes juxtaposed

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The Oregonian: 12 Autumn Hikes to see Fall Colors Around Portland

“Seeing fall color in and around Portland is as easy as walking into the forest, but these are some of the best (and some of my personal favorite) fall hikes in the area. “Not that you really need an excuse to visit the Portland Japanese Garden (also known as the most beautiful place in Portland), which is

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Cuatrovientos: City of the World (en español)

Mexico City, Mexico travel and lifestyle magazine Cuatrovientos created a stunning video of Portland narrated by our partners, Travel Portland. The video features several lovely shots of the Portland Japanese Garden from 0:49-1:00. In the video, Travel Portland team-members say, “The Japanese Garden is one of my favorite places in Portland. It is beautiful every

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The Divinity of Detail: Lessons from the Japanese Garden

The phrase “God is in the details” is, with uncertainty, attributed to Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. But whether it came from the Modernist great or someone else, there is something about the play of detail in the creative process that transcends time and geography. Detail occupies a particularly complex and nuanced role in the Japanese garden.