Fall Colors

Garden in the News Fall Colors

Fall Color Update: November 3

While there are still pockets of yellow, orange, and red throughout the Garden, we’ve moved past the peak of fall color. Late October’s warm dry weather made for some beautiful days, but also caused many of the Garden’s leaves to dry out and fall. 

Garden Updates Fall Colors

Fall Color Update: October 31

As we approach November, the Garden is illuminated with warm, golden tones of fall colors. While our famous Japanese Maple in the Strolling Pond Garden has shed its leaves, there is still an abundance of autumnal moments throughout the Garden. 

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Garden Updates Fall Colors

A Stunning Time to Visit the Garden

The recently expanded Portland Japanese Garden is a standout in any season but autumn is perhaps the most breathtaking time of year to view its eight public gardens spread over 12 acres.

Garden Updates Fall Colors

Fall Color Update: September 26

Few things are lovelier than the Garden ablaze with fall color. But when do the leaves actually start to change? Factors like temperature, light, and water ensure that the onset and duration of fall colors are difficult to predict perfectly. As of late September, the Garden is still wearing it’s summer green. Although a few